Benefits of Raw Dried Snacks

Benefits of Raw Dried Snacks

Every pet loves a snack, so why not try some nutritional raw dried snacks? They are dehydrated by removing the moisture from the raw food with a very low heat, so low that it doesn’t actually cook and it can preserve the nutrients. There are many benefits of giving your pet raw dried snacks including:

Minimal Ingredients

Due to the nutrients and enzymes being preserved through the dehydration process, there is no need to add any chemical or preservatives to make the snacks last longer. This means that are no added ingredients which could pose a risk to dogs with allergies, and the majority of snacks are 100% natural.


Dehydrated raw treats are packed full with all of the benefits of raw food, such as essential fatty acids and healthy vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are still as potent as possible and are gentle on a pet’s digestive system.

Value for Money

A long shelf life is another advantage of these snacks; you can stock up and keep them in your cupboards for months and months without them expiring. Also, because the moisture has been removed during dehydration, you can get a lot more for your money in a smaller package.

Treats and Training

Whether they are used for treats or obedience training, raw dried snacks are a healthy alternative to commercial branded packets. When your pet is receiving numerous treats in a short period of time, you want them to be nutritious rather than unhealthy. They are also compact and easy to carry, without making a mess, which makes them a good option for walks and travelling.

At Kiezebrink, we offer a wide range of raw dried snacks which can complement your pet’s overall raw food diet, as well as providing one of the most nutritional, tasty treats available. Browse our full collection today.