Kiezebrink UK Expansion

Kiezebrink UK Expansion

In 2017, we undertook our biggest ever project to increase our freezer and dry food storage facility. It was an ambitious £200,000 project which would see our freezer storage capacity increase by 63%, from 782m³ to 1277m³, and a new 300m³ temperature-controlled dry food store installed.

The need to upgrade our facilities came from the increased demand for our products. This new facility would help us ensure the quality of our products and also make our operations much more productive and efficient so we could widen our range.

We like to consider our impact on the environment at Kiezebrink, so we wanted this project to have as little impact as possible by running as energy efficiently as we could. Therefore, we chose thicker freezer insulation, modern heat recovering condensing units, frequency inverters and LED lighting throughout to minimise our energy consumption. We have also used the free heat generated by the freezer compressors to heat the dry food store and packing rooms when required.

A significant capital outlay was required in order to fund this project and if it wasn’t for the help from our bank (Lloyds Bank) and the grant funding we received, this project would have never become a reality.

This expansion was supported by New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, through the Growing Business Fund, and their grant funding helped us build the new freezer and dry food store. Also, the Micro Grant Scheme who assisted us with the production room and other productivity and efficiency equipment. Finally, the Business Energy Efficiency Anglia programme and Carbon Trust who helped us pay for all of the energy efficiency and heat recovery systems.

The project was completed in August 2017 and we are now fully operational in the new facility. We are very pleased with how it has turned out and, hopefully, it will enable us to continue providing one of the widest selections of exotic animal foods and raw meat diets in the UK, as well as great customer service.