Why Feed Your Pets Raw Food?

Why Feed Your Pets Raw Food?

Raw feeding is a diet that is very similar to what our pets would’ve eaten as wild animals; the low stomach PH of cats and dogs means that their digestive system is able to break down raw meat and bone very easily. This is just one of the main reasons why people have been switching their pets to a raw diet, there are many more benefits to this change.

Improved Dental Health

Periodontal disease is more common in kibble-fed pets as it is caused by bad dental health; this leads to other problems such as organ diseases, gingivitis and root abscesses. By chewing on whole bones in a raw diet, their teeth are scrubbed better than other dental hygiene practices. Therefore, raw feeding leads to shiny teeth and healthy mouths, and a lower risk of any major diseases.

Nicer Fur Coats

After switching pets to a raw diet, there is a significant difference in their coats and the condition of their skin. Their fur coats become softer, thicker and shinier, and require less bathing because they have less body odour. If they had skin issues or allergies, raw feeding can help and heal these conditions and give them much healthier skin.

Better Attitude

Unsuitable diets for pets can lead to unwanted behavioural and training problems; hyperactivity, aggression, and difficulty in focusing. By switching to a raw diet, pets will have more energy but will be able to control it a lot better and be considerably calmer. Their temperament will dramatically improve which will make both yours and your pet’s lives much easier.

Superior Stools

One main benefit for pet owners is the improvement in stools which comes from raw feeding. The nutrients that come from a raw diet lead to significant digestibility which consequently results in a smaller amount of poo that is produced. Also, because raw fed dog poo is mainly made up of powdered bone, this means that is has less of an odour.

Commercially branded dog food can often claim guaranteed benefits, but none compare to a raw diet. These are just a few of the benefits that you can gain from switching your pet’s diet, so why not try it for yourself?