Raw Feeding for Picky Dogs

Raw Feeding for Picky Dogs

So, you’ve made the decision to switch your dog to a Raw Food diet, but your confidence has been knocked when they turn away from the new delicious meal put in front of them.

Don’t give up so quickly though! Stay motivated and use these tips to encourage your picky eater to try this new venture.

How Can I Get My Dog to Eat Raw?

Just Walk Away and Leave Them to It

Once you’ve put their bowl on the ground, just walk away from the area. If you stare at them while they’re investigating, they will feel too much pressure to try it. Leave it for at least 10 minutes and if they don’t touch it, put it back in the fridge until next time. Curiosity will eventually get the better of them and they would rather eat something they’re not sure about than nothing at all.

Heat It Up a Little

Raw food is normally a lot cooler than commercial food as it is kept in either the fridge or the freezer rather than the cupboard. This could put your dog off eating it, so before serving it you could add some hot water to the mix or leave it out to adjust to room temperature.

Try a More Creative Approach

It is quite likely that your dog is not eating raw food because the texture and consistency is different from what they are normally used to. If they are used to eating kibble, try to morph the food into little balls. If they are used to wet food, add a little water and mash it up. You could even try and move their dinner spot to a completely different location and see if they feel more eager to try it.

Use It as a Treat to Start With

To ease your dog into their new diet, you could give it to them as little treats first rather than a whole meal. It can be quite daunting for them to see a bowl filled with an unfamiliar food, so by giving little spoonfuls as a treat, they can become accustomed to the taste and texture. Use it when they perform a command or just as a snack in between meals, and this will be a great transition for them to the real thing.

Try and Disguise It

Another way to transition them into eating a raw food diet is by sprinkling their usual diet of kibble or wet food on top of their new meal. This will entice them into eating it without even realising that it is something different.

Trial and error is the best way to try and encourage your dog to try a raw food diet. It’s understandable if they might shy away from it at first, no one likes change, but try not to get stressed. The transition isn’t going to happen overnight, so let them go at their own pace.

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