Fun Things to Do with Your Dog at Home

Fun Things to Do with Your Dog at Home

Summer time has arrived and with temperatures on the rise, it is quite easy for your beloved pet to get over heated this time of year. Even though the sun is shining, it might be too hot to go for a walk, so here are some fun things to do with your dog at home instead:

Summer Activities to Enjoy With Your Dog

Dog Yoga

Dog Yoga, also known as ‘Doga’, is a new and exciting way for you to have fun with your pooch whilst doing some exercise. It incorporates many of the common and traditional yoga positions but will also include your dog, whether its stretches or massages. Not only will it alleviate stress in both of you, but it will also provide you will a great bonding opportunity with your pet and make you feel closer than ever!

Workout for Two

You can also take advantage of your home workout by including your dog whilst still benefitting from your usual session. Try sprint intervals down your hallway and watch your dog keep up with you, or every time you do a sit-up, give your pet a kiss. There are so many ways you can involve your pet and they can even motivate you to work harder, encouraging you to finish quicker and cuddle with them.

Fetching Fun

Instead of sprint intervals for both of you down the hallway, play fetch with your pooch – be careful not to throw it too hard though, just rolling it slowly will see your dog racing to catch it just the same. Alternatively, if you have a staircase, by throwing a ball to the top of the stairs, your pet can run up to get it and bring it back down for another round. Endless fun for both of you!

DIY Obstacle Course

By using common household objects, you can create your own obstacle course for your dog to tackle. Stack up piles of books as hurdles or line up some chairs for your dog to crawl through. Make it as easy or as difficult as you want, create different levels and just have some fun with it.


A classic game that you would’ve enjoyed as a child, but you can also enjoy it with your dog now you’re grown up too. Hide-and-seek is a great way to train your dog to understand basic commands, as well as just have some fun hearing your pet frantically run around to try and find you.

Have some fun with your canine friend this summer and keep them active even when they’re inside!