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Monkey food

In the wild, monkeys or primates have a diverse and varied diet and contribute enormously to the health of the natural ecosystem. Their diet can vary depending on the species, habitat, and region, as well as the time of year. Primates will consume fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, insects, leaves, gums and occasionally tree bark, too.

Their fruit, seed, nut and vegetable diet means that they play an important role in distributing seeds and ensure the growth of many different species of plant. As highly intelligent creatures, they have been known to make and utilise tools to access food or water.

100% natural food for monkeys

When not in the wild but in zoos, monkeys obviously need help maintaining a healthy diet. A special zoo food diet. Due to the large number of monkey species, dietary requirements are bound to vary considerably. This means that anyone responsible for the care of primates needs to ensure that they’re qualified and capable of caring for the creatures.

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This means knowing which monkey food is suitable and which may be harmful, as well as being able to identify what a monkey may be lacking in their diet and how you can compensate for certain nutritional deficiencies.

Supplying the highest quality monkey food

It’s important to respect the animals’ natural feeding habits and try to vary the diet as well as distribute food in small, regular quantities throughout the day. This means that primate keepers need to find a food supplier that’s reliable and stocks a wide range of suitable foods. At Kiezebrink, we sell a wide range of monkey foods and supplements. All of our products meet the relevant standards and are designed to meet your animals requirements.

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Monkey food delivered to you

Smaller orders can be delivered via a next day courier service or we can use one of our temperature controlled trucks to deliver larger pallet orders on set routes. We can deliver any combination of frozen and dry food together for your convenience. Kiezebrink is your one stop shop for all your primate food requirements.