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Pinkies (Maggots) - Frozen
Pinkies are the most used frozen insects. If we let birds choose, they’ll often prefer this insect. ..
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The mealworm beetle (Tenebrio molitor) is a species of darkling beetle or Tenebrionidae. The beetle ..
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Buffalo worms are the larvae of Alphitobius diaperinus and are very nutritious due to their high pro..
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Cali-Worms (Hermetia) Black Soldier Flies
“Hermetia illucens" is the scientific name for the “black soldier fly”.   Topinsect Herme..
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Wax Moth Lavae
Topinsect wax moth larvae are extremely nutritious due to their high percentage of dry material and ..
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The silkworm is the larva of the silkmoth (Bombyx mori) and it is one of the few insects, apart from..
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Crickets have a high nutritional value and have furthermore, due to their hard armour, the quality t..
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Our farms feed the grasshoppers/locusts on several kinds of grasses without any added growth promote..
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