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Vitality Browser Nuts - 20kg bag

Vitality Browser Nuts - 20kg bag
Vitality Browser Nuts - 20kg bag
Brands Waterhouse Feeds
Product Code: WF427
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Product Information

Vitality BROWsER nUTS

Balanced Nutritional Feeds


¨ Suitable for feeding to Giraffes and other Copper tolerant Browsing Species and some Grazers

¨ Contains generous levels of vitamins and minerals to suit a wide range of species and intake levels

¨ Contains a wide range of gut friendly fiberous materials to help ensure even nutritionally sensitive animals thrive

¨ Specification Approved by Royal Zoological Society of Scotland & Edinburgh Zoo

¨ Vitality Browser No Copper available as an alternative (10 mg/kg)



¨ To be fed in conjunction with suitable Browse

¨ Can be fed at up to 30% dry matter intake

¨ Please ask for further advice tailored to your animals situation



Dried Beet Pulp, Wheatfeed, High Fibre Oat By-Product, Linseed, Soya Hulls,  Sunflower, Molasses, Soya Meal, Grass Pellets, Specialist Vitamin and Mineral  Premix, Yeast

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