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DK - Carnivore Sausage Supplement - 500gm Sausage

DK - Carnivore Sausage Supplement - 500gm Sausage
Brands DK Zoological
Product Code: DK036A
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Product Information

Supplemental feed for carnivorous animals, to supplement meat diets. Can be used to supplement most carnivorous animals, such as: Lions, tigers, hyena's, bears, wolves, birds of prey, vultures and other small and large carnivores.

Especially developed to prevent problems with dosing of supplements. When using a powder supplement there is always a risk of losses and overdosing. This sausage, with highly concentrated vitamin and mineral levels, makes it easier to dose the supplement for individual animals in a more controlled manner.


Features and Benefits of DK Zoological Carnivore Sausage:

* Meat based sausage with highly concentrated supplement

* Designed to supplement meat and whole prey

* Structure enables exact dosing of supplement

* Developed in conjunction with specialized veterinarians and leading nutritionists

* Meets the requirements of carnivorous animals based on the most recent information from the FEDIAF and NRC guidelines

Also available in 20 x 500gm bulk box.

For feeding guidelines and nutritional composition please download product sheet below.  

Download Product Sheet