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Wisbroek - Parrot Nut Blend Booster - 10kg

Wisbroek - Parrot Nut Blend Booster - 10kg
Brands Wisbroek Quality Feed
Product Code: 8672
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Product Information

High quality complementary feed for:
Nut- and seed-eating parrots and Psittaciformes, during the breeding season.

Because of the higher fat and protein content, this feed is extremely suitable for stimulating parrots for the breeding season or for creating fat reserves for the winter. The feed is based on the nutritional needs of the birds and fits the natural diet of parrots. We focus on diversity, more than 30 different raw materials have been used, which are combined in an extruded pellet containing all necessary nutrients, resulting in a well-balanced diet, in line with the nutritional needs of the birds.

-Complementary feed for nut- and seed-eating parrots and Psittaciformes, during the breeding season
-Rich in seeds and nuts (sunflower seeds, katjang seeds, walnuts, groundnuts, linseed).
-High in fat and protein, creating a high energetic value.
-Extruded for the optimum availability of all nutrients.
-More than 30 raw materials
-DHA fatty acids added for optimal health and breeding conditions.
-Rich in natural colourants.
-With added organic minerals.
-Coarsely ground for the natural functioning of crop and gizzard.
-Yeast derivatives added as an immunity booster.
-With egg powder as an easily-digestible source of animal protein.

Feeding advice
Wisbroek Parrot Nut Blend Booster pellets contain all necessary nutrients for your bird, during the breeding season. But since only a few species of parrots are 100% fruit-eating or grain-eating, mixing (f.e. with Wisbroek Parrot Fruit Blend Booster) is desirable according to the needs and preferences of your parrot.  For more diversity, depending on the season or dietary strategy, Wisbroek Parrot Nut Blend Booster can easily be used in a mixed diet, supplemented with fruit, seeds, nuts and/or the booster range. You can vary in this. In addition, we have developed a maintenance feed (Wisbroek Parrot Nut Blend Daily Small and Large); which can be fed to the birds outside the breeding season. The switch from the booster (breeding) to the maintenance pellet (Wisbroek Parrot Nut Blend Daily) range can be determined according to your needs. Is your bird not used to pellet feeding yet? Then it is best to let your birds gradually switch to Wisbroek Parrot Nut Blend Booster; for example on the basis of the step-by-step plan that we have compiled. The advantage of Wisbroek Parrot Nut Blend Booster pellets is that selective eating behaviour is impossible. Every pellet contains exactly the same ingredients and your bird always receives all necessary nutrients. Especially with a gradual transition, the birds easily adapt to the pellets and all nutritional needs are covered.

Analytical constituents
Crude Protein
Crude Fat
Crude Fibre
Crude Ash

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