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KB Raw- 1kg - Combi Box Large - (20 x 1kg)

KB Raw- 1kg - Combi Box Large - (20 x 1kg)
Brands KB Raw
Product Code: KB20220
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Product Information

4 weeks of food for a large-sized dog in a variety pack! The 4 weeks’ worth of food is calculated on a dog weighing 30kg, with a daily dietary requirement of 25gms per kg of body weight. A 30kg dog would therefore need to be fed 750gms a day.

Does your dog weigh a little more or less? Then you can calculate how much food they need a day and how long the pack will last. Guidelines suggest 25gms of food per kg of body weight each day.
Remember this is just a guide; always be aware of your dog’s weight and activity level.

The pack contains 20 x 1kg Kiezebrink KB Mixes:
3x Duck Mix (1kg)
3x Salmon Mix (1kg)
3x Chicken Mix (1kg)
2x Lamb Mix (1kg)
3x Rabbit Mix (1kg)
3x Beef/Chicken Mix (1kg)
3x Turkey Mix (1kg)

The mixes consist of pure minced muscle meat, organs and bone. There are no added vegetables or supplements.

Delivered frozen to your door.

This is a raw product and not for human consumption.