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Pheasant Mix - 1kg - Bulk Box - (10 x 1kg)

Pheasant Mix - 1kg - Bulk Box - (10 x 1kg)
Pheasant Mix - 1kg - Bulk Box - (10 x 1kg)
Brands Kiezebrink International
Product Code: 20006
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Product Information

10 x 1kg Pheasant Mix Bulk Box.

This KB Mix exclusively contains pheasant as a protein source. This mixture contains pheasant: the whole animal, without head, feathers and fillets. The mix only contains natural ingredients without artificial additives. This mix alone is not complete; variation is necessary for a balanced diet. *Might contain steel or lead shot (or parts of) as these are wild shot birds*

Available Weights:

1kg and 10 x 1kg Bulk Box


100% Pheasant; Body with organs. Without feathers and fillets


58% moisture, 19% protein, 11% fats, 0,6% fiber, 4,8% ash, 1,22% calcium, 0,56% phosphorus, Ca:P: 2,18, Energy: 178 kcal/100 gr.

Meat 64% Bone 14% Organ 22%

Delivered frozen to your door.

This is a raw product and not for human consumption.