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Frozen Rats

Kiezebrink offer a full selection of frozen rat sizes from rat pups to extra-jumbo rats (+450gms). Our frozen rats for snakes and other reptiles are available individually or in packs for the smaller sizes. Pictures are for guidance only, colouration of rats may vary. Please request specific demands.

Frozen rats are nutritious for many kinds of reptiles. For example, snakes do eat rats on a regular basis in their natural habitat. However, it is safer and more humane to feed your animal a frozen pre-killend animal. It will keep its nutritional value and it can't cause wounds in any case your animal is not hungry enough.

Here at Kiezebrink, we have a large range of different kinds of frozen rats which are suitable as frozen snake food. For your convenience, we deliver at your door. Do you need your order in a hurry? We can offer you next day delivery during the week (Monday - Thursday) if you order before 11:30 am. Advice: try to vary with different kinds of food to ensure an optimal balanced snake diet.

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Rat Pups - pack of 25
Frozen Rat pups are baby rats with no hair. Available in packs of 25's and 100's .Deliv..
In Stock
Rat Fluffs - pack of 25
Frozen Rat fluffs are baby rats with fuzzy hair, also known as fuzzy rats Available in packs..
In Stock
Extra Small Weaner Rat (15 - 30gm) - pack of 25
Frozen Extra Small Rat weaner which weigh between 15 – 30gm. Available in packs of 25.Delive..
Out Of Stock
Small Weaner Rat 20 gm - 60gm (pack of 5)
Frozen Small Rat weaner which weigh between 30 – 60gm. Available in packs of 5 and 25's.Delivered..
In Stock
Small Weaner Rat - pack of 25
Frozen Small rat weaner which weigh between 20gm – 60gm. Available in a packs..
In Stock
Large Weaner Rat 60 - 90gm (pack of 5)
Frozen Large rat weaner which weigh between 60 – 90gm. Available individually or in packs of..
In Stock
Large Weaner Rat - pack of 25
That is £0.82 each. Frozen Large rat weaner which weigh between 60 – 90gm. Avai..
In Stock
Small Rat (90 - 150gm) pack of 5
Frozen Small rats which weigh between 90 – 150gm. Pack of 5Also sold as a single rat. Delivered f..
In Stock
Regular Rat (150 - 250gm) Pack of 5
Frozen Regular Rat also know as a Medium Rat, which weigh between 150 – 250gm. Availabl..
In Stock
Large Rat (250 - 350gm)
Frozen Large rat which weigh between 250 – 350gm.Delivered frozen to your door. This is a ..
In Stock
Large Rat (250 - 350gm) - Pack of 5
Frozen Large rat which weigh between 250 – 350gm pack of 5. Also available to buy as ..
In Stock
Jumbo Rat (350 - 450gm)
Frozen Jumbo rat which weigh between 350 – 450gm.Delivered frozen to your door. This is a ..
In Stock
Extra-Jumbo Rat (+450gm)
Frozen Extra-jumbo rat which weigh more than 450gm.Delivered frozen to your door. This is a raw..
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