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Balanced & Complete Raw Diets

Balanced KB Raw Mix’s

All KB RAW products indicate how much muscle meat, organ meat, bone and extra additions the product contains on the packaging. Our products are 100% transparent, because we want to give you the option to optimally configure your pet’s diet in line with its needs.

The ratio of muscle meat, organ meat and bone vary between products. This is mainly because we optimize our products based the right calcium and phosphorus level. We also consider many other nutritional requirements (such as liver content never more than 5%). There are guidelines for dogs and cats which show much calcium and phosphorus they require. It is not only important to have enough of these minerals in the product, but also to make sure the ratio between them is correct (between 1:1 and 2:1 for calcium to phosphorus).

Not every bone contains the same amount of calcium. Horse ribs for example contain a lot more calcium than a chicken back. Therefore, we analyzed all our ingredients in a certified laboratory. As a result, we can optimize the composition of our products. When we make a product with only horse ingredients, for example KB Horse Mix, we need only 10% bone to meet the calcium requirements. However, when we make a chicken-based product like KB Chicken Mix, we need 21% bone to get enough calcium in the product.

Now you can be sure that all KB Raw Mixes are formulated in the right way to provide your pet with a balanced and nutritious diet.

What is complete?

The term “complete” should be used for products which contain all the nutrients a dog or cat requires to live a healthy life. When you feed a complete product, it shouldn’t be necessary to add any other products to the diet of that animal. There are strict guidelines which say what a product should contain to meet the nutritional requirements of dogs and cats, and therefore be allowed to put the term ‘complete’ on the label. Please be aware some raw food companies don’t follow these guidelines when using the term “complete” on their products. To make an individual product complete on its own, we add vitamins and minerals, in combination with salmon oil to meet the fatty acid requirements. Therefore, our completes contain all the nutrients a dog or cat requires to live a healthy life.

It is also possible to create a complete diet using products which are not complete on their own. The products of KB Mix and KB BARF are pure products of animal origin with no additives. If you feed a variety of these products in the right combination, you can make the diet complete by yourself.