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Mazuri (USA)

Mazuri® Exotic Animal Nutrition from the USA purchased Mazuri Zoo Foods (Dietex International/SDS) in February 2023. Mazuri® Exotic Animal Nutrition now offers some of their products in the UK and EU through Ki...

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Mazuri - Softbill Diet - 6.8kg
Mazuri® Softbill Diet is designed for adult iron-sensitive birds. Ideal for toucans, aracaris, turac..
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Mazuri - Hand Feeding Formula - 2kg Tub
Mazuri® Hand Feeding Formula is a complete diet designed to promote optimal growth and development ..
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Mazuri - Mini Bird Diet - 11.3kg
DescriptionMazuri® Mini Bird Diet was developed to optimize the nutrition of parakeets, finches, ca..
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Mazuri - Small Bird Diet - 11.3kg
DescriptionMazuri® Small Bird Diet is a diet for small psittacines and passerines with diverse part..
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Mazuri - Small Bird Breeder Diet - 11.3kg
DescriptionA complete diet for small psittacines and passerines. This diet is specially formulated ..
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Mazuri - Large Bird Diet - 11.3kg
DescriptionMazuri® Large Bird Diet is a nutritionally complete diet for large psittacines with dive..
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