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Wisbroek feed is high-quality bird feed for special birds. Their feed is developed in
collaboration with biologists, nutritionists, zoos and professional growers. All with the
utmost care and taking into account the specific needs of each species.
It is very important that all birds are provided with an optimal high-quality diet that is
tailored to the animal, and with a composition that does not fluctuate

Wisbroek Broucher

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Wisbroek Ibis - Flamingo Floating - 15kg
CharacteristicsExtruded complete (floating) feed for:Ibises, flamingos and spoonbills.Wisbroek Ibis ..
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Wisbroek Micro - 15kg
CharacteristicsExtruded complete (floating) feed for:(Young) waterfowl, terns, guillemots, gulls and..
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Wisbroek Crane Diet  - 15kg
CharacteristicsExtruded complete feed for:Cranes, rails and screamers.Wisbroek Crane Diet is 6 mm ex..
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Wisbroek Softbill 7mm - 10kg
CharacteristicsSmall 2 mm, extruded complete feed for:Tanagers, honeyguides, pittas, broadbill, mana..
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