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Raw Cat Food

Kiezebrink raw cat foods are available for a wide range of domestic or wild/exotic cats. Our raw cat foods are inspired by nature itself and in particular the forefather of our trusty felid companions: the wild cat. We offer a wide range of raw meats for cats which range from domestic cat minces such as Alaska Natural Cat Food to whole prey items for more exotic diets. Although we have wide range of raw cat food, each kind is 100% natural cat food.

Kiezebrink sources the best fresh raw ingredients available:  No cheap fillers like rice are added to our raw mince diets. Products are frozen immediately after production so that the naturally present vitamins are retained. By varying your cat's diet with the extensive variety of raw meats, minces and whole prey items we offer, you're giving your cat a wide range of nutrients which can be utilised where required. No artificial vitamins or minerals are added to any of our products, since the ingredients we use naturally contain the right balance of vitamins and minerals. There are no vitamin supplements in nature after all.