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Frozen Foods

Kiezebrink offers one of the largest ranges of frozen animal foods on the market. These are either produced ourselves or sourced from accredited suppliers. The frozen products we offer range from poultry and assorted meats to tropical fruit and insects.  We can divide our frozen raw food in the following categories:

The aim of Kiezebrink UK is to offer our customers a complete range of different frozen foods. Here, you will find especially frozen foods such as frozen mice, rats, day old chicks, rabbits, and frozen rodents.

Day old chicks

As prey, day old chicks are very common to feed your reptile. For example as snake food. Snakes eat small animals in their natural habitat. Therefore, it is important to give you snake or other carnivore reptile nutritious food as nature intended. Day old chicks are full of proteins and nutrients. Exactly what your animal needs for the right energy and a balanced immune system. You can find day old chicks in trays of 10 kg or packs of 4kg, 2kg or 1kg. We can offer minced day old chicks as well. Useful for smaller carnivores and still full of necessary nutrients.

Frozen mice and rats

Inspired by nature, Kiezebrink UK offers a large range of raw frozen miceand rats. These are unprocessed mice and rats, exactly as your animal would eat in their natural habitat. We offer a full selection, from small to jumbo. Individually or packed in 25 pieces. Try to vary with different kinds of food items for a balanced snake diet.


Kiezebrink has a large selection of frozen fish for dogs and cats as well. The assortment contains many whole fish such as Sprats, Herring, Mackerel, Sardines, Trout to minced Salmon and a Fish Mix.