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DK Fish Eater Liquid - 1 Litre Bottle

DK Fish Eater Liquid - 1 Litre Bottle
DK Fish Eater Liquid - 1 Litre Bottle DK Fish Eater Liquid - 1 Litre Bottle
Brands DK Zoological
Product Code: DK101
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Product Information

Fish eater liquid supplement for small and large fish-eating animals, FOR ORAL USE ONLY

Features and benefits of Fish Eater Liquid:

* Contains all the required vitamins and minerals to complete a fish diet

* Contains B-vitamins to compensate for losses during the process of thawing

* Contains vitamin E, as an important antioxidant

* Easy to use and prevents under- or over dosing with specialized syringe

* Developed in conjunction with specialized veterinarians and leading nutritionists

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Add 1 ml of DK Fish eater liquid to 1 kg of fish fed or use the guidelines as shown on the second page of this data sheet.


Product form:

Available in 100 ml and 1,000 ml bottles. The corresponding self-filling syringe and needles to inject the liquid can be ordered from us too. This is a very durable equipment which can be used for a long time if cleaned well.

For feeding guidelines and nutritional composition please download product sheet below.  

Download Product Sheet