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Mazuri Fishing Cat & Otter Supplement - per tub

Mazuri Fishing Cat & Otter Supplement - per tub
Brands Mazuri
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Product Information

Mazuri® Exotic Animal Nutrition from the USA purchased Mazuri Zoo Foods (Dietex International/SDS) in February 2023. Mazuri® Exotic Animal Nutrition now offers some of their products in the UK and EU through Kiezebrink. These products are not the same as the old Mazuri Zoo Foods (Dietex International/SDS) products


Mazuri® Fishing Cat & Otter Supplement is formulated to provide supplemental vitamins and minerals to complement fish-based diets for terrestrial piscivorous mammals.

Features & Benefits

• Now with increased vitamin E & thiamine - no extra supplementation necessary

• Convenient tablet form - provides vitamins depleted in frozen fish

• No added vitamin A – designed to be fed with whole fish

Product Form

0.75 g oval tablet; scored in the middle for easy splitting

• Bottle: 400 tablets per bottle

• Case: 6 bottles per case


If not in stock this product needs to be pre-ordered so it can be imported from the USA. Lead times can be up to 3 months.