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Mazuri Herbivorous Reptile Diet - 11.3 kg

Mazuri Herbivorous Reptile Diet - 11.3 kg
Mazuri Herbivorous Reptile Diet - 11.3 kg
Brands Mazuri
Product Code: 5E5M
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Product Information


Mazuri® Herbivorous Reptile Diet is a high-fibre diet designed for herbivorous or omnivorous reptiles, such as greens iguanas and uromastyx. It may also be used as the plant-based portion of a diet for omnivorous or insect-eating reptiles like bearded dragons.

Features and Benefits

    • High fibre level, low starch - Multiple fibre sources used to simulate natural diets and help

      support digestion

    • Formulated with Vitamin A and E – Helps support eye and skin health.

    • Extruded, small particle - Minimizes waste and creates a more natural

      feeding environment.

    • Contains live probiotics cultures – Helps support gastric health.

Product Form

Extruded feed: 3/32” diameter x ⅛” length.

• 11.33 weight paper sack


If not in stock this product needs to be pre-ordered so it can be imported from the USA. Lead times can be up to 3 months.