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Mazuri Leaf-eater Primate Diet - 11.3kg

Mazuri Leaf-eater Primate Diet - 11.3kg
Mazuri Leaf-eater Primate Diet - 11.3kg Mazuri Leaf-eater Primate Diet - 11.3kg
Brands Mazuri
Product Code: 5M02
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Product Information

Mazuri® Exotic Animal Nutrition from the USA purchased Mazuri Zoo Foods (Dietex International/SDS) in February 2023. Mazuri® Exotic Animal Nutrition now offers some of their products in the UK and EU through Kiezebrink. These products are not the same as the old Mazuri Zoo Foods (Dietex International/SDS) products. 

Product Description:

Mazuri® Leaf-Eater Primate Diet is a complete life-cycle diet specially formulated to meet the needs of leaf eating primates such as langurs and howlers, which are thought to require a high fibre-diet. This diet can also be fed to other species of primates such as gorillas and orangutans when a high-fibre diet is desired.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to be fed with supplementation - Allows for natural feeding behaviours by the addition of species-appropriate food items.
  • Meets NRC recommendations for most nutrients - Except protein, sodium and chloride when fed at 50% of the diet.
  • High fibre - Contains multiple sources of soluble and insoluble fibre.
  • No added sucrose or fructose - Helps maintain dental health and may be appropriate for diabetic and pre-diabetic animals.
  • No added wheat product - May be appropriate for animals with wheat sensitivity.
  • Natural source vitamin E and stabilized vitamin C - More bioavailable and stable forms, respectively.
  • Contains flaxseed - Source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Product Form:

·         11.33kg net weight paper sack.

·         Extruded biscuit: 1” diameter x 2” length


If not in stock this product needs to be pre-ordered so it can be imported from the USA. Lead times can be up to 3 months.

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