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DK Spirulina - 500gm tub

DK Spirulina - 500gm tub
DK Spirulina - 500gm tub
Brands Avian
Product Code: DK003
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Product Information
DK Spirulina is a kind of micro-algae in dry powder form for immunity and feather quality.
Spirulina enhances colour and gloss of feathers, it stimulates fertility and a bird’s immunity.

With fruit-eating birds, it is important to spread spirulina over the fruit.
It slows down the degradation of fruit and helps strengthen the immune system.
Spirulina contains lots of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidant beta-carotene.
It is also very rich in protein.

Feeding advice:
DK Spirulina can be added at 1% of the diet (e.g. 10 g added to 1 kg). Make sure the supplement is mixed properly with the diet to prevent losses and under/over doses. Use 1 level scoop to supplement 250 g of food – scoop is included (2,5 g).