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Kiezebrink can offer an extensive range of frozen rabbit products as animal food. From whole fully grown or baby rabbits to rabbit ears or rabbit meat. The majority of these rabbits are surplus or by-products of the human food industry and therefore have undergone stringent veterinary control.

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Day Old Rabbits - 500gm Bag
Frozen day old rabbits which are sold in 500gm bags...
Out Of Stock
Mini Rabbit (rabbit fluff)  (+/- 150gm)
Mini rabbits (rabbit fluffs) which are between rabbit pups and small rabbits. They weigh about ..
In Stock
Small Rabbit  (200 - 500 gm)
Frozen Small rabbits which weigh less than 500gm...
In Stock
Regular Rabbit (0.5-1kg)
Frozen Regular Rabbits which weigh between 500gm and 1kg...
In Stock
Wild Rabbit Small (<1 kg)
Frozen Wild Rabbits which have been cage caught or rifle shot (not shotgun shot) and weigh ..
In Stock
Whole Skinned Rabbit (0.6 - 1kg) - Each
 Whole Skinned Rabbits which weight between 0.6 - 1kg each.  These rabbits have been skinn..
In Stock
Rabbit Mix - 1kg
Description: 1kg Rabbit Mix.This KB Mix exclusively contains rabbit as a protein source, and can..
In Stock
Rabbit Mix Bulk Box (10 x 1kg)
Description:10 x 1kg Rabbit Mix Bulk Box.This KB Mix exclusively contains rabbit as a protein source..
In Stock
Rabbit Mix - 500gm
Description:500gm Rabbit Mix.This KB Mix exclusively contains rabbit as a protein source, and can th..
In Stock
Rabbit Heads - 1Kg Pack
Description: 1kg Rabbit Heads. Rabbit heads contain meat, but not a lot. Therefore, it is recomm..
In Stock
Rabbit Kidneys with fat
Description: 1kg Rabbit Kidneys. 100% Rabbit kidneys, rabbit kidneys are naturally encapsulated ..
In Stock
Rabbit Ears - 500gm Pack
Description: Rabbit ears with fur. Rabbit ears contain natural fibre, making them a useful addit..
In Stock
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