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Other Rodents

Kiezebrink offers a large selection of frozen rodents.

Other Rodents
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Hamster - large 60gms+
Frozen Large Hamster which weigh 60gms+..
In Stock
Hamster - Regular 30gms - 60gms
Frozen Regular Hamster which weigh 30gms to 60gms.  ..
In Stock
Hamster Small < 30gms
Frozen Small Hamsters which weigh up to 30gms...
Out Of Stock
Guinea Pig Mini - (50>150gm)
Frozen Baby Guinea Pigs also known as Mini Guinea Pig, weighing less than 200gm...
In Stock
Guinea Pig Small >150gm up to 300gm
Frozen Small Guinea Pig, up to 300gm..
In Stock
Guinea Pig Regular 300gm-600gm
Frozen Regular Guinea Pig 300gm - 600gm..
In Stock
Guinea Pig Large 600-900gms
Frozen Large Guinea Pig Which weigh 600- 900gms..
In Stock
Guinea Pig XL +900gm
Frozen Extra Large Guinea Pig 900gm Plus...
£5.50 £4.00
In Stock
Gerbils Large 30gms+
Frozen Large Gerbils which weigh above 30gm + Each...
In Stock
Gerbils Small 10gm - 40gm - pack of 10
Frozen Small Gerbils which weigh between 10gm - 40gm and are to be used as animal food. ..
In Stock
Multimammate Mouse, (+/- 30 gm) - Pack of 10
Frozen regular multimammate mice (Mastomys natalensis) weigh about 30gm each. Sold as a pack of..
Out Of Stock
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