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Frozen Fish Food

Frozen fish food is a high nutritional product full of natural vitamins, trace elements, carbohydrates and proteins which will improve the immune system. The freshly frozen food promotes bright colouration and it allows your fish to eat as they do in their natural habitat. If your fish is a picky eater, frozen food is easily accepted and will stimulate your fish to eat and give it a healthy appetite again. There will also be less digestive problems if you feed frozen food.

Frozen fish food is less demanding for your filter system compared to dry food, like pellets and flakes. As a result the water stays more clear and there will be a stable biological balance. Also frozen food has a long shelf life. It keeps well in the freezer for at least 2 years.

Frozen Fish Food
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Artemia (Brine Shrimp) - 1kg tablet
Artemia (Brine shrimp) is suitable for both fresh water and marine fish. In order to insure good sur..
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Beef Heart  (minced) - 1kg
Frozen beef heart (minced) 1Kg Tablet      ..
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Bloodworms - 1kg tablet
Bloodworms are midge larvae and can be found at the bottom of ponds and water streams where they eat..
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Cockels (Whole) - 1kg tablet
Well suited for fresh water and marine fish. Sold as whole cockle for the larger fish or grinded to ..
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Cyclops - 1kg tablet
Because of its size (2-3 mm) Cyclops are well suited for small and young tropical fish. They enha..
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Daphnia - 1kg tablet
Natural food for many fresh water fish and therefore well eaten by most fish. Daphnia is a small cr..
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Fish Eggs - 1kg tablet
Frozen fish eggs 1kg Tablet      ..
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Krill Pacifica - 1kg tablet
Popular food for both fresh water and marine fish. High protein food and ideal for the larger fish. ..
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Krill Superba - 1kg tablet
Frozen Krill Superba is ideal for feeding to large predatory tropical and marine fish. It is also go..
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Mussel Meat - 1kg tablet
         Well suited for fresh water and marine fish. Sol..
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Mussels (Whole) - 1kg tablet
Well suited for fresh water and marine fish. Sold as whole mussels for the larger fish or grinded to..
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Red Plankton - 1kg tablet
Frozen Red Plankton is rich in natural carotenoid pigments which will significantly enhance the colo..
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Mysis - 1kg tablet
Small fresh water shrimps. Well suited for tropical and marine species. Because of its high nutritio..
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