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Boskos - 25kg
An acacia bush fibre based browser pellet for herbivores. Available in 25kg bags.   Liter..
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DK Leaf-eater Small -15kg
Complementary feed for a variety of leaf-eating animals, such as: langurs, howlers, lemurs and red p..
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DH Capybara Cubes - 20kg
Capybara cubes are a complementary feeding Product for adult capybara. 6mm cube FEATURES: •..
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DH Ruminant Browser Cubes - 20kg
Ruminant Browser Cubes. Ruminant cubes are a complementary feeding product for ruminants and brow..
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DH Wildlife Cubes - 20kg
Wildlife Cubes. Wildlife cubes are a complementary feeding product for hoof stock, where lower pr..
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Kasper - Elephant Cubes 25kg
Roughage is the main constituent of the food ration for elephants. Concentrate is needed to meet ..
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Kasper - Natural Browser Pellet 10mm 20kg
Kasper Natural Browser Pellet is especially designed for browsing animals in captivity. This product..
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