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DK Primate Maintenance (Hi-fibre) - 15kg

DK Primate Maintenance (Hi-fibre) - 15kg
Brands DK Zoological
Product Code: DK039
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Product Information


Complementary feed for a variety of primates with a high fibre requirement, such as: macaques, baboons, chimpanzees and bonobos.

Features and Benefits of DK Zoological Maintenance Hi-Fibre

* High fibre content to simulate the natural diet

* Highly palatable extruded biscuits

* Free of soy, palm oil and wheat gluten

* High amount of lucern with a course fibre structure

* Designed to meet the NRC recommendations for non-human primates

* Developed in conjunction with specialised veterinarians and leading nutritionists

Feeding Guide

DK Maintenance Hi-Fibre is a complementary feed for primates with a high fibre requirement. This diet should be fed as 50% of the total dry matter intake. The dietary requirements of the animal will depend on size, age, growth, activity, health and environmental temperature. The energy content of this diet is  234 kcal/100 g.

Product form

Extruded biscuit with coarse fibre structure (40 x 10 mm) in a 15kg bag. 

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